About presstigieux

Visuals, they got to be inspiring, especially in a world that has gone crazy digital. We believe distinctiveness is key. Nobody clicks on boring! Whether it's an awesome story of your event, branding, press release, a mesmerizing business portrait, quality social media content, interior or a video, we will make any type of content 'presstigieux'. Clear, to the point, catchy and storytelling.

I can help you with almost everything in the field of image, for large and small companies / brands throughout the Netherlands or elsewhere.

Meet the photographer - Iris Ooms

I’m a seasoned event photographer with over 15 years of experience capturing unforgettable moments in the high-end realms of brands, hotels/restaurants and the corporate world. With a portfolio that includes collaborations with esteemed brands such as FedEx, Gucci, Vogue, H&M, Sage, Hotel L'Europe etc.

I bring a unique blend of creativity, professionalism and technical expertise to every project I undertake. Known for my ability to breathe life into events through my vivid imagery, my photos are not just a documentation but a storytelling experience in themselves. My eye for detail ensures that each shot captures the essence of the moment, elevating the event's atmosphere and leaving a lasting impression. Clients trust me to deliver images that embodying the spirit of the occasion and reflecting the vision of the company with emotion and authenticity. 

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